Synthetic Testing
Stack Moxie gives you the power to launch automated testing scenarios using synthetic data. Raise your operational excellence with automated testing and monitoring.

Testing Scenarios

Marketing operations is the heart of the modern-day digital business. Everything Marketing Ops does sets the foundation for sales, advertising and marketing to keep the customer life cycle flowing, and to reach revenue targets.

Achieving accuracy, efficiency and scale are all equally important for the Marketing Ops professional. You have webinars, events, email campaigns, and newsletters to attend to. And that’s if everything is running smoothly.

At best, you spend countless hours setting-up, testing and monitoring individual campaigns and integrations. More than likely, you spend a good chunk of time responding to fire drills from sales and demand generation managers wondering why the expected leads are not being delivered to the right team or why the nurture campaign didn’t launch.


Take control with Stack Moxie. Get end-to-end automated testing of landing pages, campaigns and integrations. Here are a number of testing scenarios that can help you optimize your operations stack:

Automated Campaign Testing: Automate testing of lead creation or form submissions against expected outcomes. A form is typically tested manually, by defining cases with inputs and validations in a spreadsheet, applying those cases manually by typing them into a form, then validating the expected result by visually confirming data in each affected system. Automated testing simplifies this process, by requiring only inputting a URL of the form into a test, confirming the input and validation selections, and running the test to receive a pass/fail value. Tests can be rerun without additional information or work.                                                                                                     
Routing Testing: Understand the true amount of time it takes for a lead to reach the sales queue, from the time a lead requested contact, given latency issues, data management campaigns, campaign backlogs and syncing time lags. This routing test can help identify unfavorable syncing cadence and help sales accurately set service level agreements (SLA’s) for follow-up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Configuration Testing: Define campaign and system setup inputs with the Atomatest platform and use the configuration test to ensure the integration and configurations are working together to produce the expected outcomes. Can work in a single tool or across tools.
System Integration Testing: Setup integration testing to run on a regular basis (every day, every hour, etc.) to ensure your marketing automation system built as expected and data flowing between the integrations. This can help identify integration errors that happen when changes are created by platform updates, with new campaigns or elsewhere within your marketing stack.
Regression Testing: To be run when launching major marketing operations system changes or adding new integrations. Ensure that changes have not negatively or inadvertently affected the end to end system. This “smoke test” will help identify if your integrations are working as expected.


Tests can be set to automatically run regularly for effective monitoring as well, allowing marketing operations to be the first notified of any errors. Start your free trial and receive your first 50 test free and see the tool in action.