Migration Testing and Execution

Migrations are expensive. It is time to let the robots take over.

Sales and Marketing technology migrations are always expensive, not just from the time and technology investment. Small changes in systems create undetected errors that affect revenue driving activity for months – even in the best executed migrations. 

Stack Moxie combines human expertise with automated testing to validate that integrations and configurations are working as expected. Robots benchmark existing systems, build testing while the new system is being built, and run comprehensive testing the moment a new system is live.  When the migration is pushed live, stakeholders and migrators can be certain the new system works exactly as expected because tests, data rules and a standard definition of success are perfectly defined up front.


Migration Testing

Testing is one of the most labor intense and time consuming components of a migration.  Done correctly, testing begins with getting a baseline assessment of existing performance, then testing at the sandbox, and again at live deployment.   Stack Moxie partners with in house teams, agencies and tech vendors to define a test plan, build automated testing, and execute automated testing the moment the migration is live, not weeks or months.

With Stack Moxie, you’ll know if a migration is on track and you’ll know the moment anything is wrong – at launch, tomorrow or any day thereafter.

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Migration Execution

The Stack Moxie team has executed hundreds of migrations – it is a primary use case for creating the platform. Our systematic approach works cross-functionally to meet each department’s needs, and communicate change and progress. Often, we bring in partners to support the migrations goals – from better lead routing to image creation. Then we build a comprehensive plan that will seamlessly transition from the old system to the new. And finish with a comprehensive testing and monitoring implementation to not only start fresh with quality, but let the robots keep quality no matter how fast the organization grows and changes.

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