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Fintech, Healthtech and other Regulated Industries

Today, regulated industries are supported by a mishmash of engineering tools and cloud applications.  Even with the strictest of IT policies, misconfigurations can put critical data at risk.  Stack Moxie is an automated testing tool to make sure customer or patient data is systematically being handled as expected by non-technical application administrators.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Always.

Complex Compliance Becomes a Yes-or-No Question

It is incredibly hard for business users and IT professionals to communicate.  Stack Moxie is the first codeless automated testing and monitoring platform to allow business users to do things like regression and smoke testing of their cloud technology, integrations between them and configurations.

Let us show you.  Our demo will get right to the point:

  • how users can configure and run tests with test data
  • how engineering or IT can use our open source tool to test across custom and engineered tools
  • how your marketing and engineering teams can use starters to 

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Logging, Monitoring & Auditing

In 9 out of 10 instances that our team encounters, the published privacy or compliance policy and the actual performance of the website and marketing tools are out of alignment. In other words, there’s a compliance violation.  Most of the time, this is a result of minor changes after the initial release.

The Stack Moxie technology monitors websites, tools and databases to make sure your system is performing as expected, and alerts you when there is an issue – so you can fix it before it impacts a customer or patient.

And if you’re ever evaluated, our third-party logging will prove to regulators that being compliant is consistently a top priority for your organization.


"I rarely find something obvious wrong. I've never found something intentionally wrong. But I almost always find something big that is mishandling data or violating a policy."

– Ariel Sasso, Customer Success Lead, Stack Moxie

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