Get unprecedented visibility and control over every aspect of New Relic’s revenue infrastructure with Stack Moxie.

An ops team for an observability company can't have blind spots.

At Stack Moxie, we’re big fans of New Relic. Your customers achieve remarkable uptime and performance thanks to your products. And your customers expect the same reliability from the rest of your brand.

We believe that growth teams deserve the same kind of debugging, monitoring, and observability tools that engineering teams have come to expect. 

Five nines don’t just happen. They’re a result of operational excellence which comes from a combination of great teams, great processes, and an observability platform that make it all possible.

Illustration of Launch QA feature: testing a campaign before it launches

Stack Moxie can help with "What's Next" for New Relic Growth Ops


Eliminate manual QA and monitoring processes


Last-mile QA and monitoring for LLM outputs

Data Integration

Validate your data enrichment and its impact on scoring and attribution