Our customer was a typical high-growth venture funded company.  As their company grew and changed, so did their Sales and Marketing Operations.  Through a network of leadership priorities and growth initiatives, the Marketing and Sales Technology integrations and routing fell to quite a few heads.  As a result, they knew they had leads falling through the cracks.  As a leader in Revenue Operations, Sarah Wright brought in Stack Moxie to find the leaks.  When they did, they were able to return 2,000 high value leads to their active funnel.

Here’s how Stack Moxie helped:


Monitor automagically

Atomatest reads your landing page and forms. It creates test data, submits that data into your form, and validates that it landed right. Set each monitor to automatically recur, notify you of problems

Simplify complex testing

Create complex personae or segments quickly by copying, or apply our segment and personae testing with the click of a button.


Clean-up test leads

Test data is expensive and can negatively affect your conversion metrics.  Stack Moxie cleans up after itself.