Complete Your Marketo Migration With Confidence

Stack Moxie for Marketo automates migration testing to remove human error and risk from your migration.

Test your migration across your stack

  • Implementation
  • Lead Lifecycle
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Integration Timing
  • Campaign Launches
  • Field Marketing

Let Automated Tests Confirm Your Migration is Complete

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Confidently Monitor, Automate, and Scale Migration Testing


No Manual Testing Required

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Automated Monitoring

Across Your MarTech Stack

Stack Moxie for Marketo: Quickly validate that your implementation is configured correctly. See your technical details, including CNAMEs, IPs, Munchkin ID, API Calls, SPF, and DKIM results within a few clicks.

Stack Moxie for Salesforce: Monitor your MAP to CRM sync be alerted if sync times get too long. Validate your field mapping configuration and that standardized data is flowing properly between systems.

Stack Moxie for LeanData: Stop sales territory challenges before they start. Tap into LeanData’s routing engine to confirm that every engaged prospect is making it to the correct sales rep as soon as possible.

Stack Moxie for Google Analytics: Quickly test GA tags are firing page views and events correctly so your team can harness the data you need to make decisions. You can also check that google ads tags are tracking conversions properly.

Stack Moxie for Bizibile: Streamline the data flowing into Bizible so that marketing can assess each touchpoint properly and fire drills aren’t ruining your end-of-quarter closeout.

Stack Moxie for LinkedIn: Ensure that each ad campaign was properly created so that marketing can track conversions, sales is alerted, and budgets are optimized for ongoing success with LinkedIn.

“We recently implemented a tool at Heinz Marketing called Stack Moxie for automated monitoring of our technology stack. Let me just say, I would have given my first born (not really, don’t tell him I said that!) for a tool like this many times over my career.”

Lisa Heay
Marketing Planning Manager, Heinz Marketing

Testing Across Your MarTech Stack With Stack Moxie for Marketo

Implementation Testing

Testing your implementation with Stack Moxie for Marketo removes the risk of a failed migration and launch of your new marketing automation platform.

Lead Lifecycle Monitoring

The specific lead lifecycle programs and processes you define for your organization can be automatically validated, monitored and tested with Stack Moxie for Marketo.

Monitor GDPR Compliance

If you’re not already regularly testing and monitoring your GDPR compliance rules on web forms then you should get started with Stack Moxie for Marketo, today.

Integration Timing Alerts

You expect leads and data to flow between Marketo to the rest of your MarTech stack on time, every time. With Stack Moxie for Marketo, we’ll alert you the moment your integration timing is taking longer than expected.

Testing for Campaign Launches

With Stack Moxie integrated with Marketo campaign launches can be tested before going live so you can avoid inadvertently sending out a campaign with no UTMs or broken links?

Field Marketing + Templates

With Stack Moxie Templates integrated to Marketo, your field marketing and operations teams use pre-built tests to ensure new lead data will be captured in your tech stack as expected.

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Stay in sync as a team even in complex global organizations

  • Every team member has real-time information
  • Asynchronous collaboration solves challenges faster
  • Notify the broader team so non-technical teams understand the outage
  • Eliminate the barrage of emails and tickets when systems degrade
  • Public run logs let you share further to agencies and partners

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What makes a Marketo Migration Successful?

A successful migration to Marketo comes down to a comprehensive testing plan. With Stack Moxie you can quickly automate testing for each of these 10 critical checkpoints:

  1. Munchkin ID is implemented correctly across all pages
  2. Validate your SPF records are set up correctly
  3. Ensure DKIM is set up for email deliverability
  4. Check your new domain for blacklisting
  5. Ensure your IP Address is correct in Marketo
  6. Ensure CNAME is established for Marketo Landing Pages
  7. Check CNAME for Marketo email tracking
  8. Check your API usage is within the expected range
  9. If you’re connected to Salesforce, be sure to check the Lead field Mapping is correct
  10. Check the sync time between Marketo and your CRM
Consider these important questions before you complete your migration.

Once you’ve run the Marketo Checklist we highly recommend setting up additional tests to ensure business continuity and compliance. Below are some additional questions to consider when completing your migration to Marketo:

Is every form on my website GDPR compliant?

Are leads with UTM values going to the right team(s)?

Does my new email program contain the correct links?