Support for Marketing Operations Teams

Stack Moxie gives you the tools and support needed to achieve full observability into your marketing and revenue tech stack. Let breakages raise their hand so you can find and fix them quickly, and skip the manual testing. 

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Marketing operations is the heart of the modern-day digital business. Everything you do sets the foundation for sales, advertising and marketing to keep the customer life cycle flowing, and to reach revenue targets.

Achieving accuracy, efficiency and scale are all equally important for the Marketing Ops professional. As it is, you already have plenty of webinars, events, email campaigns, and newsletters to attend to. And that’s if everything is running smoothly.

At best, you spend countless hours setting up, testing, and monitoring individual campaigns and integrations. More than likely, you spend a good chunk of time responding to fire drills from sales and demand generation managers wondering why the expected leads are not being delivered to the right team or why the nurture campaign didn’t launch.

Meet Stack Moxie.  Quality, Consistency. Scale. Trust. Transparency.  By the power of automation, you can have it all in less time than you currently spending launching campaigns and putting out fires.

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Stack Moxie solves problems.

Marketing Operations supports the entire team by putting out fires and making Marketing excellence possible.

Who supports you?

Web Page Validation

Know that every URL and page on your site is up and running as expected, ensuring your customers and visitors have a seamless user experience.

Preference Center Support

Honor your users’ opt-in and opt-out preferences and confirm that your leads are getting the content they want to receive.

Pixel Testing

Validate that the correct pixels are firing on your site so you don’t miss out on any valuable customer behavior.

Email Validation

Ensure emails are being sent upon form submission within a specific timeframe, with the right content, sender data, and no broken links.

Campaign Operations Templates

Verify that your campaign operations are aligned and executing with the expected results across your inbound demand generation and internal processes.

Attribution Reporting

Confirm that the specific activities, campaigns, and pages that leads are generated from are being attributed correctly and are included in the reporting that you use to make decisions on successful campaigns.

GDPR and Privacy Compliance

Ensure that your organization is following all privacy and data regulations to keep you compliant and able to safely serve your customers.

Form Monitoring

Avoid lost leads and confirm that your Contact Us, Demo Request, and other important forms are working and processing leads correctly.

Powerful Testing Without Code

With Stack Moxie you can automate monitoring, test multiple different personas and variations, and schedule tests to make sure everything is running as expected.

It’s built for a business user but with the same powerful testing tools an SDET might use. And don’t worry! You won’t need to sign up for a coding bootcamp. Stack Moxie allows you to set up monitoring and tests with easy-to-use drop-down configuration rather than code.

That means you can get end-to-end automated testing of landing pages, campaigns and integrations. Here are just a few of the tests Stack Moxie can run to help you stay on top of your stack: 

  • Automated Campaign Testing
  • Routing Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing

If you run one campaign a week and we can help you save 12 hours per campaign, you can shave off the equivalent of four months’ worth of vanished time and do what really matters: convert qualified leads.

Stay Ahead of Problems

Stack Moxie helps you automate monitoring, test multiple different personas and variations, and sets recurrence to make sure everything is running as expected – all at scale.

In addition to saving time, running an Stack Moxie provides instant documentation needed for GDPR compliance and managing contractors and includes standard test templates to help new testers use best practices out of the box.

“I rarely find something obvious wrong. I’ve never found something intentionally wrong. But I almost always find something big that is mishandling data or violating a policy.”

– Ariel Sasso, Customer Success Lead, Stack Moxie

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Project Manager

Hey, I am Ryan! I will be your project manager. While you will meet more of the Stack Moxie team, you will always have me as your consistent advocate. You can count on me to be there every step of the way.

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