The only quality platform to manage the no-code universe

Everyone is building with no-code .. integrating with no-code. How on earth are big and fast growing teams supposed to manage all of that no-code.

Beachhead: Automated Testing for Sales and Marketing Tech

A form conversion is useless if it’s languishing somewhere in the stack, unable to find its way to the right sales team for follow-up. Stack Moxie makes sure every lead reaches sales, email sends don’t have broken links, that landing pages are populating and analytics are tagged as expected.  When things are broken (even years in the future), you’ll get email alerts and notifications on your dashboard. Think of Stack Moxie as an army of robots that test your forms, data routing, emails, and integrations and then make sure each reaches its destination exactly as expected. By taking a proactive approach to managing errors, testing data routing and managing integrations, our customers save hours each day and thousands in wasted advertising.  Get Stack Moxie to deploy a campaign faster and know if it is working for all your complex routing scenarios – and works with all the campaigns you’ve built before.  Then automatically monitor all of them for years to come.

Stop Manually Testing Campaigns

Have you personally tracked your leads for as long as 12 hours to ensure your information made the trek from Salesforce to Marketo? Your time is too valuable to do one-off testing. You have better things to do. Here are a few of the things that Atomatest can automatically monitor and validate:

Automated Campaign Testing

Routing Testing

Configuration Testing

System Integration Testing

Regression Testing

Link Testing

Stack Moxie FEATURES

Test all your platforms from one dashboard

Don’t waste time hopping from platform to platform to see if your martech is working as expected. Use our seamless integrations with industry elite like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua, SalesLoft, Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics and more.

At-a-glance campaign monitoring

Schedule recurring tests to ensure that your systems are working as expected over time. Use that information to evaluate the performance of teams and vendors to make sure you’re spending money on things that will make you money.

Live alerts when things go wrong

Did the customer who filled out the form on the website get routed to the right salesperson? Want to make sure your form fills are populating in your CRM correctly? Know for sure, with live updates arriving to your inbox from Automatest as it happens.

Pre-set, easy to use scenarios

Go from zero to world-class with scenarios pre-configured to the most core and common failures. Validate confirmation emails are running, check page views, ensure forms are connecting to your martech, ensure your webpage is up, and more. Automatest also provides easy test duplication to streamline your workflow. Not finding what you’re looking for? Create a custom scenario.

Our customer hired Stack Moxie to help identify issues that stem from “rip-and-replace” deinstallations. In the end, we helped them identify broken lead routing, and return over 2,000 leads to the rightful sales reps. Learn more about how we did it.


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