Integrating with ON24

Integrating Automaton with ON24 Integrating Automaton with ON24 Integrating Automaton with ON24

ON24 lets you tap into the power of hosting events and building connections with your prospects. Host webinars, conferences, and other experiences and extract important data to qualify leads and make their journey more personal. Don’t miss out on this valuable information because of improper platform integration or inaccurate data syncing. Stack Moxie helps your field and campaign ops teams efficiently QA their campaigns before launch and monitor them until the event is a success.

  • Integrating Marketo and ON24 makes your Webinars and digital events a simple way to sync registration and attendance information. Ensure that everything is running smoothly so engagement data from ON24 accurately sets campaign triggers, improves lead scoring, and optimizes nurturing programs. When something’s going wrong, identify it quickly so you don’t lose any opportunity an event brings you.
  • Integrating Dynamics 365 CRM and ON24 turns sales engagement into action, pulling insights from hosted online events and Webinars to help you better tailor your campaigns and sales process to maximize revenue. Optimize this integration and ensure it’s working as expected so there are no interruptions that lead to unnecessary errors.
  • Integrating Salesforce and ON24 ensures that actions are being triggered as they should, from making sure data is correctly embedded into records, to enabling your sales reps to efficiently communicate with new leads. When things go wrong, you’ll know where the breakdown is happening to make that fix.



We’re excited to announce that Starters for this platform are in development.

Have a Starter you’d like to see? We’d love to hear about it. Email [email protected] and tell us what you’d like us to make next.

Use Cases

  • Event Management: whether in-person or online, event management platform syncs are brittle with complications. Input the incorrect value and your entire sync might crash, causing a terrible experience for your webinar or virtual event customers.

  • Lead Routing: ensures the proper sales representative is assigned to a lead or contact as they are identified or qualified. Black-box testing is utilized to chaos engineer the many permutations of potential scenarios.

  • Sync Times: calculates your system sync times to ensure that no process optimizations need to be made.

  • Lead Scoring: drives most companies’ sales outreach and prioritization. As systems have become more sophisticated, working with AI and Machine Learning to drive outcomes, predictive lead scoring has become more advanced. Hiccups in your lead scoring system can dry up your funnel and invalidate your lead lifecycle.

  • Lead Lifecycle: tracks your prospects during their buyer’s journey as they flow through your lead funnel. In conjunction with lead scoring, it’s how most marketing teams track their primary metrics, including MQLs.


  • Real-time Slack Alerts: lets your team know when failures occur so you can collaborate on how to resolve them. The broader team can learn about outages asynchronously without tickets and emails.

  • Time to Create / Compute: Essential for calculating your system sync times to determine if process optimizations could occur. From start to finish, determine the benchmarks and average time it takes a process to run.

  • Custom QA & Testing Templates: allow you to design custom templates to test your marketing automation platform’s processes, including Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Pardot. Put templates into the hands of field and campaign teams to execute complete and complex testing. Users can run testing without even needing to know how or what to test. Build once and pass it along to let your colleagues manage their testing and catch their own errors.