Integrating with LeanData

Integrating Automaton with LeanData Integrating Automaton with LeanData Integrating Automaton with LeanData

LeanData is central to smart sales processes that eliminate manual user behaviors. Rest assured that your lead routing, assignment, and auto-conversion are properly functioning and get alerted if it isn’t. This lets your sales organization focus on driving deals to close to increase the revenue you bring in while decreasing sales cycles.

  • Integrating Outreach and LeanData lets you automatically trigger Outreach sequences based on LeanData’s lead routing and qualification. Make sure this stream of data is accurate so you don’t have to worry about missing out on advancing your prospects.
  • Integrating Slack and LeanData uses notifications to accelerate your response times and quicken your turnaround times. Don’t miss a single update so you can always be in the know.
  • Integrating Salesloft and LeanData allows you to automatically engage prospects, cutting down your time-to-first-touch. Leave no prospect behind by making sure these two platforms are syncing correctly.



We’re excited to announce that Starters for this platform are in development.

Have a Starter you’d like to see? We’d love to hear about it. Email [email protected] and tell us what you’d like us to make next.

Use Cases

  • Lead Routing: ensures the proper sales representative is assigned to a lead or contact as they are identified or qualified. Black-box testing is utilized to chaos engineer the many permutations of potential scenarios.

  • Sync Times: calculates your system sync times to ensure that no process optimizations need to be made.

  • Lead Lifecycle: tracks your prospects during their buyer’s journey as they flow through your lead funnel. In conjunction with lead scoring, it’s how most marketing teams track their primary metrics, including MQLs.

  • Lead Scoring: drives most companies’ sales outreach and prioritization. As systems have become more sophisticated, working with AI and Machine Learning to drive outcomes, predictive lead scoring has become more advanced. Hiccups in your lead scoring system can dry up your funnel and invalidate your lead lifecycle.


  • Published Values: Exposes your single source of truth from Salesforce then lets your team test against a predefined set of values. As values change in Salesforce, Stack Moxie will proactively alert you to the updates so nothing has to break. Run tests against Published Values so Monitors never need updating. 

  • Real-time Slack Alerts: lets your team know when failures occur so you can collaborate on how to resolve them. The broader team can learn about outages asynchronously without tickets and emails.

  • Custom QA & Testing Templates: allow you to design custom templates to test your marketing automation platform’s processes, including Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and Pardot. Put templates into the hands of field and campaign teams to execute complete and complex testing. Users can run testing without even needing to know how or what to test. Build once and pass it along to let your colleagues manage their testing and catch their own errors.