End-to-end Monitoring for Sales and Marketing Ops

Anyone who has managed a complex tech stack has experienced how minor inconsistencies can wreak havoc across integrated systems.

API errors, typos, permissions sets, and other simple problems can break systems sync, preventing proper lead routing, which stops the sales team from knowing when great leads are interested in your company.

Stack Moxie’s army of robots work on your behalf to make sure each lead promptly reaches its destination as expected. If errors arise, the robots proactively notify you so problems can be mitigated quickly.

A Single Dashboard to Monitor System Performance Across All Integrations 

Don’t waste time hopping from platform to platform to see if your MarTech stack is working as expected. Use our seamless integrations to industry’s elite technologies including Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua, SalesLoft, Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics and more.

Stack Moxie Integrates with Salesforce
Stack Moxie Integrates with Marketo An Adobe Company
Outreach & Stack Moxie
SalesLoft & Stack Moxie

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The #1 Solution

Monitoring and Testing for RevOps, Marketing Ops, and Sales Ops.

Stack Moxie makes sure every lead reaches sales, email sends don’t have broken links, landing pages are populating, and analytics are tagged and routing to your teams, as expected.

Recognized by Thought Leaders

“Such a seriously cool product for managing your stack” – Scott Brinker

Chiefmartec Stack Moxie

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The Best Kept Efficiency Secret for Managing Marketing and Sales Technology

Let our robots work for you. With Stack Moxie, you can run test scenarios that perform:

  • Automatic Campaign Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Lead Routing Testing
  • Link Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Configuration Testing

By taking a proactive approach to managing errors, testing data routing, and managing integrations, you’ll save hours each day and thousands of dollars in wasted marketing spend.

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Automated Monitoring for Marketing Technology

Save 20-30 hours with one test!

With Stack Moxie, you can be sure that no lead gets lost, no email has a broken link, and that all of your marketing tools integrate and operate as expected.

See how Dawit Tesfaye and his team are scaling the tech stack for their publicly-traded company, AvePoint.

Watch the full video to learn:

    • How Dawit solved AvePoint’s LinkedIn Marketing Attribution Gaps
    • How Dawit solved a GDPR error that resulted in generating more opt-in contacts
    • How Dawit Is Using Test Automation to Create Career Advancement Opportunities for His Entire Department

Never run a manual test for your tech stack again.

Manual testing leaves room for errors and wastes valuable human time. With automated monitoring of your critical business processes you are proactively alerted when there is a break in your tech stack.

Monitor for failures in Lead Routing, Marketing Attribution, Advertising Operations, Compliance & GDPR, Lead Scoring, Lead Lifecycle, and so much more.

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