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You think your business is compliant,

but are you in reality?

Innocent changes to your site might have tanked compliance

Stack Moxie ensures GDPR Compliance
  • Has anything changed on the site since you launched your Privacy initiative 18 mos ago?
  • Did the new tool or campaign you added break your Privacy campaigns?
  • Did your Privacy data set correctly setting preferences?  
  • Are you sure that none of your data is being transferred to a third-party?
  • Are you honoring your visitors’ cookie preferences?

With Stack Moxie you can answer these questions and be alerted if the answer changes.

Make Privacy Compliance a little less complex

Just think of Stack Moxie as your own benevolent bot brigade. You point them in the direction of your compliance processes, and these bots will burrow through your tech stack to make sure everything is working as expected – today, tomorrow and always.

Stack Moxie’s testing templates make it easy for Marketing and Web teams to deploy campaigns that comply with the policies of corporate legal and compliance teams – and for compliance teams to document and log that everything was tested.   The best part is once it’s configured for your compliance use-cases, you’ll get an immediate notification alert when something fails.

Make the complex simple, and validate it.  

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We were working with the Stack Moxie for only two months, and because they helped us identify the trial, demo, and contact form leads that were never passed on to sales reps, some of those leads are now in our active pipeline. That’s an awesome impact to the business.

Sara Wright

Global Sales Enablement Manager

Stack Moxie is the best way to validate a Tech Stack.