Free Tech Stack Budgeting and Planning Template

With such a heavy focus on the “big picture,” many teams are overlooking how important it is to re-evaluate their current MarTech stack investments. Learn about the value of planning your tech stack below!

Here to help you plan.

Tech Stack Setbacks to Avoid

What are issues or problems that arise within your current tech stack? Determining what tech is currently working for you, and what is not, is the key to avoiding wasting tech and portions of your marketing budget in 2022.

There are many ways to evaluate your setbacks, but if one tech in particular comes to mind, it might be time to cut it from your budget in 2o22. 


Try answering these questions to see where your setbacks are:

  • What issues are you having with your current tech stack?
  • Did a new tech addition destroy your data?
  • Do you have any tech that isn’t getting used?
  • Which tech are you using to its fullest potential?
  • Which tech has wasted capabilities?
  • Which tech has created the most troubleshooting work for your team?
  • Is any of your tech not being maintained due to lack of time and resources?
  • What are the biggest challenges when it comes to managing your martech stack?
  • Are you spending too much time putting out fires? 

What Does Your Tech Stack Look Like?

MarTech Budgeting Resources

Click below to download templates that can help you create the perfect tech stack.

Template Download

Testing & Monitoring your Tech

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Evaluate your Tech Stack

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Purchase and Presentation

Is Quality a Line Item in your Budget?

  • How much time is spent determining the reason behind tech problems?
  • How much time does your Marketing team spend putting out fires?
  • How much time is spent monitoring for outages or broken forms?

Most companies don’t budget for quality when planning for the upcoming year. Instead of dreading future system errors and outages, head into 2022 knowing your marketing tech stack is solid!

When you make quality a priority, you’re gaining back time and money.

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