Feature – Testing Folders 

Redefine how your organization tests across the functions

Our new testing organizations feature is an essential tool for marketing agencies that allows them to manage and log the testing actions of their clients martech stacks from one account.  Account management and teams can keep a birds eye view of the performance of all their clients, with real time alerts when an integration, lead routing, or campaign fails.  Now the agency or department can fix issues or alert stakeholder before they become aware of the problem.

With Atomatest “organizations” you can monitor and test 

  • API deliverability: Be alerted when leads aren’t making it into your CRM and/or when they are getting throttled by your tool API’s
  • Forms/Landing pages : test all landing pages to make sure there are no 404 errors, and leads are routing from your forms to your marketing automation tool and CRM
  • Insights: Build living documentation of the work you have completed, and ensure quality standards are met across your clients stacks
  • Repeat business: Drive repeat revenue: set up notifications on completed project so you can be a resource for solving future issues, and never be blamed for a clients “updates” to your project.

Experience the power of automated testing and monitoring

Atomatest is the only multi-stack tool built to monitor and log the performance of your integrations, data flows, campaigns, and syncs for all your clients in one work space. With a simple test you can set to run on an automatic schedule, and be alerted in real time when your clients stack fails. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial and experience the power of automated QA. You can also schedule a demo with one of our testing experts here if you would like to learn more.