Social Media Metatags Testing – Are your social media posts showing up correctly?

Test metatags with our quick and easy testing tool.

Every modern marketing strategy includes social media. And when you’re trying to make an impression on your audience, every chance counts.

Ensure that your social media metatags are working exactly as expected using Moz’s best practice checklist.

Feature Benefits

Every marketer that has to deal with social media posting will love this testing feature because it will help:

  • Make sure each post follows best practice according to Moz’s guidelines
  • Ensure that must-have social meta tags for Twitter, Google, Facebook, & More are set up and optimal

Social Media Tag Testing Features

  • Checks for length of title meta tag
  • Checks for length of description meta tag
  • Checks to ensure that the viewport meta tag exists
  • Checks for open graph information and twitter card information

Know if your social is ready for its close-up. 

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