Status Dashboard – Is my technology up and working?

Sometimes that 0% conversion is because your form is broken.  Now you can know at a glance that it is all working.

Whether you’re keeping track of your most critical forms, the landing pages for your most expensive PPC campaigns, or the lead routing across seventeen tools in your tech stack into the hands of your best (and most impatient) sales closer, Stack Moxie has you covered. Schedule recurring tests to ensure that your systems are working as expected over time.

Use our Status Dashboard to get an at-a-glance overview of your operational performance so you can identify problematic trends that might be costing you. It positions your organization to evaluate the performance of technology tools, teams and vendors to make sure you aren’t wasting money on sloppy implementations, downtime and broken integrations.

Status Benefits

Automated testing for the web can help revenue ops sleep better at night because: 

  • At-a-glance Status ensures that you’ll never be caught off guard again. 
  • Changes that disparate teams are making won’t break your campaigns with daily and hourly testing. The at-a-glance dashboard gives instant visibility to issues and errors across all of your systems in one place.
  • Click on error spots to find details that will help you isolate and solve the problem. Get a clear picture of long term routing and tech stack health.
  • Help illustrate long-term performance to stakeholders within your organization.

Status Features

  • Status Box: Gives a quick overview of the current state of your test in your instance.
  • Scenarios Run: Total number of scheduled tests run within your instance
  • Status: The status of your scenarios for the day so far, if a scenario has failed, this will show as a status of “failed”
  • Status Timeline: A visualization offering you an overview of the status of your systems, grouped by Folder. Each square in the timeline represents a 24 hour period; if a test fails within 24 hours within a folder, the bar will show as red.
  • Status Details: Hovering over the red bar will detail the specific Scenarios that failed, as well as the number of failures.
  • Reliability Percentage: The reliability percentage tells you the percentage of fails over the last 60 days.

Experience the power of automated testing and monitoring

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