Protect it with automated monitoring from Stack Moxie

We’ve all been there. Just when you had everything exactly how you wanted it… OOPS.

The new guy broke something.

But not with Stack Moxie. Stack Moxie is your very own roving robot brigade. These cute little guys will keep an eye on your stack and let you know BEFORE something breaks.

That sure is a nice Marketo instance! It’d be a shame if something were to… happen to it.

You’re letting people manage your tech stack?

Are you sure that’s a good idea? People break things.

Why not let our robots do the work?

Stack Moxie helps you automate monitoring, test multiple different personas and variations, and sets recurrence to make sure everything is running as expected – all at scale.

In addition to saving time, running an Stack Moxie provides instant documentation needed for GDPR compliance and managing contractors and includes standard test templates to help new testers use best practices out of the box.

Powerful Testing Without Code

With Stack Moxie you can automate monitoring, test multiple different personas and variations, and schedule tests to make sure everything is running as expected.

It’s built for a business user but with the same powerful testing tools an SDET might use. And don’t worry! You won’t need to sign up for a coding bootcamp. Stack Moxie allows you to set up monitoring and tests with easy-to-use drop-down configuration rather than code.

That means you can get end-to-end automated testing of landing pages, campaigns and integrations. Here are just a few of the tests Stack Moxie can run to help you stay on top of your stack:

  • Automated Campaign Testing
  • Routing Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing


Just think about it: if you run one campaign a week and Stack Moxie saves you 12 hours per campaign, that’s four months of the year that you won’t spending manually testing your campaigns!


Get 24/7 Monitoring with Stack Moxie

Think of Stack Moxie as an army of robots that test your forms, redirects, emails, conversion tags, data routing, and integrations to make sure that each one reaches its destination exactly as expected.


Because a form conversion is useless if it’s languishing somewhere in the stack, unable to find its way to the right sales team for follow-up. Stack Moxie makes sure every lead reaches sales, that landing pages are populating, and that analytics are tagged as expected.  When things are broken (even years in the future), you’ll get email alerts and notifications on your dashboard.