FEATURE: Dynamic Tokens

Dynamic Tokens allow users to validate and monitor  complex testing scenarios.  In every software tokens represent something different. 

But it’s always data that can only be known at the time the test is running (like a Salesforce Lead ID or a Google Analytics Client ID).

With Dynamic Tokens, you can:

  • Test and monitor complex email flows

  • Perform closed-loop reporting from Google Analytics to Salesforce 

  • Monitor and audit your database for GDPR compliance

  • Test scenarios that involve advanced object relationships

See Dynamic Tokens in Action

Dynamic Tokens allow you to:

GA Closed Loop Reporting/Attribution

Customers who use Google Analytics 360 and the Salesforce integration to do closed-loop reporting and attribution rely on GA Client IDs being passed through on their web forms and written to the right fields in Salesforce.  Dynamic tokens allow us to test that data is stitched together correctly, all the way through.

Advanced Salesforce Relationships

Dynamic tokens can be used to scaffold out test scenarios that involve advanced object relationships (e.g. an Opportunity and a Contact, linked together by an Opportunity Contact Role, or an Account and a Contact linked together by an Account Contact Role.

GDPR Documentation for your Database

Monitoring and auditing your database for GDPR compliance is a breeze with our new dynamic tokens. Testing a consent program is  painstaking and time-consuming but with dynamic tokens and system logging you can make sure the vital data (opt-in date and timestamp, opt-in source, opt-in IP address)  for consent is being collected and stored from form fill to database.

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