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Support Teams

No technology is an island anymore.  Your products only work by working together with all the other tools in your customers stack. And when they don’t work … you get blamed.

Diagnosing your customer’s issues can be hard.  Or, it can be incredibly routine.

Multiple tools, tags, databases, and teams.  Complex interpretations.  A thousand things that can go wrong.  But getting a Level 1 Support person to understand all that complexity – across all of those tools is hard, time consuming training and expensive.  With Stack Moxie,  complex rules are boiled down to a single standard definition of success—does the test pass or fail—across the entire tech stack.  Oh, and that same test can be used for customer self-service too.  

Our demo will get right to the point:

  • how our team will translate your most common support challenges into automated tests
  • how our logging isolates the errors for rapid diagnosis and escalation (or “duh!” moment)
  • how your customers can use those scenarios to get real, complex 24/7 support themselves

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Logging, Monitoring & Auditing

It is incredibly hard to understand what is going wrong in a customer’s product in terms of all the other products in a tech stack.  With Stack Moxie, errors are identified and logged so they can be shared – making the customer support process less painful and faster to solve.


The nicest way to tell a customer “you screwed it up”

Think of Stack Moxie as an objective, third party validation to prove to your customer what happened in an error.  Even if that error was caused by the customer.  And, Stack Moxie is already set up for the most common integrations in the industry – so we can diagnose or support challenges that are happening across the tech stack.  Even for technical teams, identifying what is happening on each website or toolset plugin is extremely difficult.

Stack Moxie makes it simple – pass or fail.

"I rarely find something obvious wrong. I've never found something intentionally wrong. But I almost always find something big that is mishandling data or violating a policy."

– Ariel Sasso, Customer Success Lead, Stack Moxie

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