Test Marketing Trigger Campaign Execution With a Spreadsheet

Trigger marketing campaigns can be the most successful campaigns a marketing team will run all year. Having a campaign fail because triggers did not execute can be one of the year’s top heartbreaks.

Don’t let this year be one of the heartbreak years. 

Test your campaigns and test them regularly. That does take time, but it won’t take much with the right tools.

Successful Trigger Campaigns Start with Testing

Testing marketing campaigns are important because months of planning can go up in smoke with one broken link in the chain.

Examples of marketing trigger campaigns include:

  • Welcome messages
  • Onboarding
  • Account notifications
  • Transactions
  • Milestones
  • Push notifications
  • Milestones

Check out these results from Blue Shift’s 2020 Trigger Based Marketing Benchmark Report to see why marketing teams are so concerned about whether or not their trigger campaigns are executed and appropriately validated:

  • “When marketers leveraged triggered emails, onboarding campaigns had an 826% higher click rate than batch-and-blast email.”
  • “Marketers using email triggers also saw a 775% higher conversion rate than batch-and-blast emails.” 
  • “Multi-channel triggers across email and mobile are 283% more effective than single channel.”
  • “Campaigns using predictive recommendations are 116% more effective than those that do not.”
  • “Mobile push triggers are 1490% more effective than batch push notifications.”

Stack Moxie Automated Trigger Campaign Validation

Using a Quality Assurance (QA) spreadsheet for marketing launches can ensure every campaign goes off without a hitch. 

Luckily, the Stack Moxie team shares your goal and has just the spreadsheet your team needs.

With one-click, any member of your team that you choose can run an automated test for trigger campaigns. 

This one-click will quickly identify any issues with the chain of actions and if any errors need to be addressed.

Ready to make sure your trigger campaign triggers success? Sign up for a demo to learn about bringing automated marketing quality assurance to your team. 

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