Shea (Scrum Master)—Scrum Transformation: Week Three

This week, fairly early in the Sprint, it became apparent that there were a number of blockers that would likely prevent us from meeting our goal.  Initially, I started to research the scrum process on a broader level.  This article provided a great screenshot of what a scrum master is responsible for. Since we are so new to this process, there are going to be many improvements that I can make, probably for months to come. 

Since there are going to be countless improvements that can be made during our scrum transformation, I decided to focus on what could be immediately changed to help with these blockers.  I found this article and realized that I can prevent many of these blockers before the tasks are even created.  There were two tasks in particular that are blocked, one of which has been blocked for ages!  We have somehow gotten locked out of a website that is not only the initial, but also the most crucial step to get this task completed.  Everyone has been here before, going back and forth with a business for months before a resolution can be reached.  

Moving forward, I will definitely confirm that the team isn’t aware of any blockers to the tasks we are trying to accomplish and, if they are, it will have to wait until the next Sprint. 

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