Mike (Demand Generation)—Scrum Transformation: First Month

It’s been a month?! 

I’ve learned that time estimates are hard and that agile can be really effective for pulling in tasks when you’re under utilized in any particular sprint (or perhaps blocked with no way to get quickly un-blocked). 

I sort of dislike the finality of a sprint and the pressure it creates. Sprints often feel like they are either overwhelmingly difficult to complete or underwhelmingly fun once the items have been delivered. I’m proud of all my work, but sometimes chunking the work down into small bites means the big feature/campaign that is launched is lost because all that was launched was one small aspect of the overall project. 

I also dislike how easy it is to lose sight of the “why” behind each deliverable/task in a sprint. Sometimes team members will go off (myself included) and start creating content or assets and we’re not seeing the forest for the trees. 

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