The Importance of Open Communication in Growing Your Organization

As your organization grows and operations become spread out, communication acts as the key to ensuring that teams and projects are aligned. Good communication signals maturity, and setting your team up with set processes that nurture this practice will prevent unnecessary stress, outages, and distrust.  A Journey to Communication Thinking back to when you first […]

Stack Moxie is Lisa’s App of the Week

This week, Stack Moxie was featured on Heinz Marketing’s blog post as App of the Week. Heinz’s Marketing Planning Manager, Lisa Heay, said a few words about her experience with our app: If you are in MOPs, you understand. I’ve given up many weekend days manually testing lead flow through forms, workflows, and campaigns. And […]

Time-Saving Templates for Fail-Proof Testing

Stack Moxie's New Feature: Templates

Spoiler alert:  We just launched a new feature named “Templates.” In my former days building a Center of Excellence for Marketing Operations or managing consulting teams, testing was both the bane of my existence and the savior. It is an oft lamented irony of marketing “automation” that so much is truly manual. It was only […]