Oh, the fun of silo’d teams

One of our customers told us about a new use case a couple of weeks ago – using our tool to let their cross functional teams test against Marketo Configurations.  And thinking of all the crap test data I’ve cleaned out of SFDC and Marketing automation instances, I’m not surprised this is a thing. Please […]

Finally – a free version!

Late last year, we launched our first product – Atomatest.  It took the very manual process of validating and making sure that sales and marketing technology were up and working as expected, and automated it.   It was a new concept for most marketing and sales ops folks.  In martech, before Atomatest, there was no regression […]

MarTech: Quality is no longer optional

As the agile movement continues to mature, other parts of the enterprise are benefiting from the principles and practices.  In many organizations, marketing is in the forefront of the movement from technical to citizen agile. Just as technology has become central to sales and marketing, many software engineering practices are following suit.  Whether you are […]