Agile Marketing Ecosystem – What, Why and How

Over the past few years the use of Agile Marketing has grown immensely, and for good reason. From this surge in popularity, a number of practical agile marketing concepts have surfaced, yielding great transformation in enterprise organizations alike. But first, what is agile marketing and — why all the hype? Chances are most of the […]

Marketo RKOM: A Recap

I spent much of last week, with my team at Marketo RKOM getting connected to the Marketo LaunchPoint Partner network and many of the Marketo Account Managers. It was was my first glimpse into the Marketo world that I have heard so much about, and it was a great first experience. ​Steve Lucas was kind […]

Priorities for Testing your Marketing Technology Stack and Campaigns

If you have the unlimited budget to outsource testing operations or your marketing operations team is sitting around looking at cat memes waiting for something to do, this post isn’t for you. I’m looking for the folks who are scrapping to get it all done. It’s the people who never have enough time in the […]

3 Reasons Marketing OPS Professional Should Test Everything They Build

Testing? Who has time for that? Not many marketers. That’s the unfortunate truth. With email campaigns, webinars, landing pages and advertising campaigns piling up, you’re probably testing one thing and moving on to the next to keep up with demand. It’s all fun and games until something breaks. Then you you need to contend with […]