utm builder: is your utm strategy failing you?
Our expert panelists share how you can improve your UTM strategy, build alignment between team members, and ultimately launch campaigns faster to achieve your goals.

Evergreen Webinar: Is your UTM strategy failing you

As you launch new campaigns across different channels to support your revenue goals, it’s crucial to ensure that your attribution reporting is accurate. Without accurate reporting, it can be challenging to understand which investments are paying off.

UTM tracking links are a critical component of attribution reporting. However, when these links are released into the wild with your team, things can get out of hand, and inaccuracies can creep in.

If you’re looking to improve your UTM strategy and build alignment between team members, we invite you to join Stack Moxie for a 45-minute webinar. During the session, you’ll learn how to optimize your UTM tracking and ensure accurate reporting, so you can launch campaigns faster and achieve your revenue goals more efficiently. Hear from the experts about how you can streamline your marketing efforts and gain valuable insights into your campaign performance.

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UTM builders and tracking are the number one place where Stack Moxie tests capture analytics failures.  So we fixed it.  Every forever-free account includes a full-featured, super-zippy, unlimited-users UTM Builder.

The hardest part?  Taking those cumbersome spreadsheet into a new format.

So that’s free too.  Our customer success team will take your sheet of values and turn it into a simple, beautiful, scalable UTM machine that lets you manage it easier, integrate with your stack, and get campaigns out the door faster.

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