Automated Tag Management Testing

Make sure mismanaged analytics tags, ad pixels and marketing automation tracking tags aren’t costing you.

Simplify data collection with tag tracking.

Your marketing tech stack relies on tags to ensure that you’re accurately tracking lead activity and data. When you have disparate teams all across the same systems, tag breakdown can be a liability.

How do you know if you need automated tag management testing?

  • Have you found yourself in one of these situations?
  • Your agency is updating tag containers, but they don’t have the full picture
  • The web team is pushing out changes without considering the impact they might have to tags
  • Your client changes something on their site or on their campaign without checking in with their account manager
  • You implement a new tag manager and it’s not deploying scripts adequately
  • You’re migrating to a new website and you’re not sure if your tags were deployed correctly post launch

Impact of Bad Tag Management

When tags are poorly managed, you end up with bad data, lost revenue activity, disappointing user experiences and you’re passing along inaccurate data to your leadership team. Make sure that you are gleaning valuable insights the tags are designed to provide to ensure you can accurately shape the strategy of your business. Have confidence that your tags are working seamlessly with your tech stack with Stack Moxie. Our automated tag tracking testing will alert you when things go wrong, so you avoid unpleasant surprises and bad data.

Benefits of Automated Tag Testing

Automated tag testing offers a variety of benefits:

  • Avoid tagging errors on your website
  • Ensure that analytics is working and tracking correctly
  • Personalize your testing requirements to test live implementations
  • Send live alerts to teams if data collection isn’t working
  • Schedule testing at regular intervals
  • Ensure the quality of your data with reporting
  • Get a tangible understanding of your site’s tagging architecture
  • Test new tech before it goes live in a safe environment
  • Ensure that your validation rules are being followed with customized audits

Types of Tag Testing We do

Web Analytics Tags

Tracking web traffic with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics? Ensure web traffic is consistently collecting data and reporting to the right accounts. Go even further and validate Google Analytics events with our custom scenario builder.

Ad Pixels

Using Google Floodlight, LinkedIn Insight, Facebook Pixel, or a Twitter Pixel? Make sure you’re sending the right events to your ad partners so that your audiences and conversion numbers are accurate. Validate custom data attributes sent with the tag for complex scenarios.

Marketing Automation Tracking

Do you use Marketo Munchkin, HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot? Make sure that your landing page tracking is never compromised. Also a great way to ensure that multiple instances are all effectively firing data back to your system.

Ready to make sure mismanaged tags aren’t costing you?

Stack Moxie can help you ensure that your tags aren’t interrupting critical revenue operations activities.