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Web Page Validation

Know that every URL and page on your site is up and running as expected, ensuring your customers and visitors have a seamless user experience.

Pixel Testing

Validate that the correct pixels are firing on your site so you don’t miss out on any valuable customer behavior.

Campaign Operations Templates

Verify that your campaign operations are aligned and executing with the expected results across your inbound demand generation and internal processes.

GDPR and Privacy Compliance

Ensure that your organization is following all privacy and data regulations to keep you compliant and able to safely serve your customers.

Preference Center Support

Honor your users’ opt-in and opt-out preferences and confirm that your leads are getting the content they want to receive.

Email Validation

Ensure emails are being sent upon form submission within a specific timeframe, with the right content, sender data, and no broken links.

Attribution Reporting

Confirm that the specific activities, campaigns, and pages that leads are generated from are being attributed correctly and are included in the reporting that you use to make decisions on successful campaigns.

Form Monitoring

Avoid lost leads and confirm that your Contact Us, Demo Request, and other important forms are working and processing leads correctly.

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Stack Moxie was built to help carry the Marketing Operations load and free you up to do more. We’re here to help you get the most value out of monitoring and testing and unlock the power of automation in your work. See what you can do with the Stack Moxie robots on your team.

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