As a marketing operations professional, how much time do you spend testing compared to the amount of time you spend troubleshooting some error? Frequently, some change, somewhere in your MarTech stack causes a cascade of errors and issues that lead to hours of investigation, fixing and explaining.

Because, typically, you test once to ensure everything is working and get on to the next newsletter, email, webinar, API integration, or one of the other ten thousand things on your plate. Because… life, right?

And, according to Marketo Champion program, “…you should be testing everything you build”, including: “…lead lifecycle programming, lead scoring, lead nurturing, channel tracking programming, data management programming, email compliance (CASL/GDPR) flows, integrations, and user-facing assets such as emails, landing pages and forms.”

Also, according to the same post, the best way to go about this entails creating complex and robust Excel spreadsheets to track each and every test variable and scenario. For teams with enough head count, this can work. For the large majority of marketing operations teams, this borders on the impossible. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool that could automate this process for you?

Introducing Atomatest, by Stack Moxie. The first end-to-end campaign and integration testing tool created to optimize your marketing, advertising and sales technology stack by ensuring setups are running as they should be.

Atomatest allows you to easily:

  1. Setup and document end-to-end integrations in your marketing, sales and advertising technology stack.
  2. Regularly and continuously run tests with a click of a button, for effective monitoring of campaigns and integrations.
  3. Be notified of any errors- and where they happen, so you can fix them quickly before they cause a larger problem.
  4. Keep leads flowing to the right team, with the right data with no delay due to integration issues.
  5. Save time and maximize ROI.

Let us show you how Atomaton can help you scale marketing operations, execute more campaigns and still keep that human touch required in today’s customer engagement lifecycle.

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